Special Issues

The Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture publishes special issues, that fall into the scope of the journal. 
Special Issues are intended to show work of the high academic standard on a particular theme or topic. Each Special Issue will be managed by a guest editor who will work directly with the individual authors of papers. When the guest editor is satisfied that papers have been prepared to a high standard of academic, they will then be passed to the Editor-in-Chief who will definitely decide about the acceptance of the manuscripts. At any stage, if a paper is judged to be unacceptable in terms of content and/or style, it may be rejected from further consideration. The entire process must be a rigorous one to ensure that Special Issues are produced to the highest possible standard.

Each proposal for a special issue should contain the following information. Please use this as a checklist to ensure that you have provided all relevant material:
  • Title of the proposed Special Issue
  • Goal of the proposed Special Issue
  • Background of guest editors (one paragraph for each editor)
  • Background of the proposal (e.g. colloquium, conference, special invitation)
  • Relevance to current research
  • Projected readership
  • Title and 200-word abstract for each paper
  • Expected date of completion
  • No additional documents required (CVs, conference literature, etc.)

A Special Issue will contain an introductory article  which will be written by the guest editor(s). This article should orient the reader to each of the other papers in the issue. 

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