The Journal of Socio-Economics is a  periodical which is designed to fill a gap between journals about Agricultural Economics and journals about Agricultural Sociology. Devoted to the advancement of socio-economics, it deals with the analytical, political and moral questions arising at the intersection between economy and society in agriculture and rural areas. Please find here the full description of the scope of the journal.

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wuestemann 1 Wüstemann et al.
Landnutzung und ländlicher Tourismus: Eine hedonische Analyse
Landschaften stellen ein wesentliches Grundkapital des Tourismus dar, die Auswirkungen einzelner Landnutzungsformen
auf den ländlichen Tourismus sind aber noch weitgehend unklar. Die vorliegende Studie untersucht den Einfluss verschiedener Landnutzungsformen auf den ländlichen Tourismus. 
mann 1
Deconstructing agricultural labour:
a reflection on negative farm income

Deconstructing agricultural labour: a reflection on negative farm income. We tackle the question of whether aiming to achieve the combination of negative farm income plus adequate off-farm income can be a rational strategy. An application of the Activity Choice Model answers this question. This approach shows that non-monetary utility has many dimensions.

Dr. Christian Schader
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