How to submit

We are happy to receive any articles that fall into the scope of the journal.

Articles should be submitted to the editor-in-chief by email
. For preparation of the manuscript please follow the guidelines for authors.

Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by the editorial board for general eligibility for being published in the Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture. Usually, this decision will be drawn within a week. The corresponding author(s) will receive an email message when the manuscript has been sent to reviewers. Two scientists will be asked to review the manuscript in a double-blind procedure. In case the opinions of the reviewers deviate from each other, a third reviewer may be asked to review the manuscript.

Once an article is accepted for publication, the Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture will be formatted and layouted, while authors have the obligation to check the printing proof for errors.

Unlike in most other scientific online open-access journals, the publication in the Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture is currently free of charge.

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