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The Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture (former Yearbook of Socioeconomis in Agriculture) was edited by the Swiss Society for Agricultural Economics and Sociology. It was a peer reviewed online journal in which both theoretical and empirical economic and sociological scientific contributions are published. The journal was furthermore designed to fill a gap between journals about Agricultural Economics and journals about Agricultural Sociology. It was devoted to the advancement of socio-economics and dealed with the analytical, political and moral questions arising at the interface between economy and society in agriculture and rural areas in an european context. Articles in the Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture explore how the rural economy was, or should be, governed by social relations, institutional rules, political decisions, and cultural values and vice versa. They also considered how the agricultural sector affects the society of which it was part; for example by breaking up old institutional forms and giving rise to new ones. Papers will be considered regardless of whether they are theoretical or empirical in nature and whether they use quantitative or qualitative methods.
Dr. Silvia Marton
Journal of Socio-Economics in Agriculture

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